The Foundation's Pillars

Karnali Basin Conservation Foundation

The Foundation (KBCF) aims to create an economically thriving Karnali River Basin that balances conservation and development, supporting Nepal on its journey towards self-reliance through the development of the private sector. To achieve this objective, the Foundation has developed a five-year strategy with four supporting pillars.


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Taking out rice from storage

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Fisherman from Jhimruk

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Pillar I

Well Developed Conservation Themes

Conserving an eco-system is a complex process that requires sustained efforts and co-ordination amongst diverse, and often conflicting, stakeholders. The Foundation will progressively conduct program-based activities under various themes to enhance the objectives of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. The themes are:

Kinetic and Cultural Karnali:

Under this theme, KBCF will promote adventure and cultural tourism following the principles of sustainability through activities such as:

Kinetic Karnali for Adventure Tourism
Cultural Karnali for Cultural Tourism

Organic Karnali:

KBCF will promote the practice of organic farming along with the processing of herbs founds in the basin area.

Cooperative Karnali:

KBCF believes that development for the people and by the people is the most sustainable model. In this regard, it will promote the local financial institutions to formalize the economy and encourage sustainable financial practices in local businesses.

Healthy Karnali:

KBCF will undertake initiatives to reduce plastic use, improve last-mile recycling, and adoption of healthy lifestyle practices to enhance the well-being of people,bcommunities, cities, and environment in the basin area. Some key activitie are:

No Plastic Karnali
WASH Karnali

Smart Karnali:

KBCF has undertaken a partnership with various leading institutions to enable the basin area leapfrog towards a smart and sustainable economy through initiatives such as:

Digital Karnali
Sustainable shelters

Karnali Basin Map

Pillar II

Demarcated Conservation Areas with Institutionalized Principles

At the core of the Foundation’s mission is to enhance conservation of the Karnali Basin Area. Over the course of next five years, the Foundation will build on activities and partnerships that lead to sustainable preservation of natural habitat and promotion of cultural heritage and local resources. KBCF will encourage sharing of public resources with revenue sharing principles so that the development of KBA is nature-based and ecologically sustainable.

Visist nepal 2020 Meeting

Pillar III

E-Governance Platform

A conservation focused Karnali Basin Area will have e-governance as its foundation. Generating, and garnering insights from data will be key in this regard. The Foundation plans to build on the partnership with the local governments as a part of its Smart Karnali theme. Initiatives will include:

1. E-Governance Platform for Digital and Smart Karnali
2. Development of Open Access for E-Learning
3. Sustainable Shelters with Centers of Excellence

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Pillar IV

Build Capacities of Government

The Foundation aims to be a trusted partner of the Government in the Karnali Basin Area by supporting the local governments to achieve fiscal resilience and implement various socioeconomic welfare programs with greater effectiveness and efficiency. The Foundation’s key strategic activities will include:

1. Supporting fiscal resilience of municipalities

Prepare partner municipalities for Town Development Fund (TDF)
Prepare them for the capital market, build fiscal discipline, acquire credit rating and raise capital by issuing municipal bonds.

2. Help design and implement effective welfare programs

Conduct business development training for resiliency
Create jobs and welfare schemes to meet local needs